Studying God’s Word

There is nothing like spending time in God’s Word! I have been enjoying studying the gospel of John, just little chunks each morning and then wherever that leads. What a blessing to study the life of John the Baptist (a different John than the author of the gospel of John), to think about the call on His life as the forerunner of Christ, and to consider how he must have felt with how his life ended (with imprisonment and beheading).

It took me on all kinds of extended study to find out how he knew about the call on his life (the angel visiting his father in Luke 1 and the word of the Lord coming to him in the wilderness – Luke 3). I explored his question once imprisoned as he wondered then of Jesus, “Are you the Coming One?” Can you imagine how he felt, making the way for Jesus and expecting certain things, only to end up in prison confused. And Jesus replied to him “blessed is he who is not offended because of me.”

There were all kinds of practical applications as I looked at John the Baptist and his father Zacharias. I laughed to think of Zacharias who – after this angel appears to him in the temple and announces John’s birth – says, “How shall I know this?” Hmmm… maybe because an angel is standing before you!

And yet how could I criticize poor Zacharias or John when my own faith is oftentimes so similar. God says something to me through His Word or His Spirit and it’s all so exciting, but later when it is hard, I wonder “did I get that right?” or “how do I know I can trust You, Lord?”

This week I’ve also looked at how Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It was a divine appointment! My Bible says that when Jesus left Judea to depart for Galilee, “He needed to go through Samaria.” I love seeing how personal Jesus is. He knew exactly who He would find at that well and what would transpire because of it! I prayed for my home and family, “Please need to come through our household, too! Make a stop here and draw us all to Yourself.”

To read God’s Word, to observe and study, to make personal application, what a treasure, what a gift, what a blessing.

He gives such encouragement and fills me with such hope. He’s shown me so much about purpose and meaning and wrong conclusions I’ve had over the last couple of weeks about the brevity of life. It’s in seeking Him that we find. His Word does not return void.

I hope you know the joy of reading and studying God’s Word. If you are looking for a place to start, try John. I think you’ll be blessed.

One thought on “Studying God’s Word

  • I too have been struck by John the Baptist's life and also Jesus' response to it. It reminds me that His ways are higher than ours, and always pure and perfect and good. Thanks for the reminder of these passages, Carolyn!


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