Friends Adopting

What a sweet morning of worship at church. It was a joy to see our friends dedicate their three daughters whom they adopted from China. You can read about their journey and their beautiful family at my friend Laura’s blog. Laura and her husband were in our small group for several years and she is also in my prayer group. She has always been such an encouragement to me in my faith through her own faithfulness to God and life surrendered to Him, and I am thankful for her and her precious family. They are also now in the process of adopting a boy from Ethiopia!

Another couple who was in our small group is currently in Ethiopia in the adoption process with their son who is friends with the boy Laura’s family is adopting. Mike has written a beautiful post you can read here. He and Sasha inspire me through their love for others and the world, flowing out of hearts of love for God and His love for them!

And a third couple who is still in our small group leaves this week for Ethiopia for the adoption process of their son (who is friends with the 2 boys being adopted by the couples above). They don’t have a blog, but their journey has been exciting. My friend Mary is one of the most compassionate people I know.

I am thankful for these three families and how God has used them in our lives and for their friendship. It has been a privilege to watch as God has moved their families to lead them to adoption and the beautiful picture it is of God the Father adopting us as His children.

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