My 30-Day Blogging Challenge

I started blogging in June 2008 as a way to record for myself and my children what God was doing in our lives, to note those times I would see His visible (though invisible) hand and activity, all the while praising Him. Over the years, my goals for blogging have become a little more developed, as shown on my “About” page.

For some time, I’ve wanted to blog more regularly. Though I wake early and have plenty of time in my mornings, I am prone to distraction and don’t always keep my focus long enough to be consistent. So I’m giving myself a 30-day challenge to try post each day. Maybe acknowledging this will help me do it! This may include long or short posts, new posts or re-posts, maybe even linking to others, I’m not sure, but just taking steps forward with a goal I’ve long had.

Let me know if you have ideas or suggestions—or maybe if you have a blog, you want to join me in this challenge.

I know what a challenge this will be, but at least day 1 is in the books! 🙂

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