Digging for Treasure

I arose this morning and have been digging for gold, for treasure. That’s what it feels like to go to God’s Word, to read it and study it, to meditate on it. I find rich treasure, food for my soul.

Much of my focus this summer has been on studying God’s Word as part of a Bible study I am doing for my daughter and a few of her friends. As I look more closely at Psalm 119 each day, I find more truth in and about God’s Word of all that it is and does for us.

It is true (Ps. 119:142), and it is pure (Ps. 119:140). That gives my mind something to dwell on (Phil. 4:8) when it would otherwise stumble. Thoughts of irritation, frustration, fear and anxiety, dwelling on hurts—these lose their place when my mind becomes focused instead on God’s Word, and its truth is established in my heart and mind.

This is but one small example. Every day brings more light and truth to expose lies that my heart and mind would otherwise believe. I can call out to God, and He will answer and help. He is near (Ps. 119:151).

I learn more of His promises and faithfulness to me. May I, as the psalmist, love His commands more than gold, even the purest gold and carefully follow His precepts, hating every false way (Ps. 119:127-128). This leads to life (Ps. 119:93). Revive me today, Lord, according to Your Word (Ps. 119:149). Amen.


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