Bible Study Wrap Up

My Bible study group had a wrap up dinner together a week or two ago in our leader’s lovely home. What a fun year it has been together! We studied Philippians during the fall semester and the Minor Prophets in the spring.

I did not expect to do Bible study at church this year because I work on Wednesdays, and the classes are on Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. By night time, I am pretty tired and in the middle of a busy week. However, I thought it might be fun to do with a friend, so I thought I would invite her, and if she said yes, then we could do it together.

Well, she did say yes, and we both enjoyed the studies so much. My children participated in Wednesday evening programs, so Wednesday became a church night for us this year. It had been seven years since I had been able to participate in Women’s Bible Study because of a year of homeschooling, then six years of working, and it was wonderful to be back. I remember the first lecture back in the fall as the speaker gave an overview of the Bible. My heart was so full being back in this setting together, gathering with women in the community to study God’s Word.

Then who would have thought my two sweet leaders would recommend I speak at the Bible study spring celebration!? And that I would agree?! I was grateful to be able to share what the Lord has done in my life and trust He will use it for His glory. That He would be seen and I would not was my prayer.

I praise the Lord for what He has done in this group this year, for the truths we have learned about His character that absolutely caused us to stand in awe of Him, and for the friendships He has developed. The study of His Word does not return void, and my life is richer for knowing these ladies!

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