Blackhawks Game

We went to our first Chicago Blackhawks game (ice hockey) last night with my husband’s family.

It was fun to watch, though they lost! I have to give thanks that when a hockey puck was shot forcefully over the glass barrier, it just missed my daughter! Sadly, it struck the woman right in front of her on the head (she had to leave because of her head injury), then it bounced over my daughter to the man behind her who hurt his hand. I think it would have knocked my daughter out!

We were seated by the penalty box. See the empty seat in front of us that the woman had to leave after being hurt?

Lots of fun wearing a new Blackhawks’ jersey:

Our spring break officially ended, and we started back to school today!

2 thoughts on “Blackhawks Game

  • How awesome! We're going to the game on Sunday (did you know we were huge Blackhawks fans??)! There is nothing quite as exciting as the Star Spangled Banner at a Blackhawks game, is there? Remind me sometime to tell you about Julia's 12th birthday–B took her to a Hawks game. 🙂


  • I had no idea you all were fans, Shelly! Yes, the Star Spangled Banner was amazing! I'll look forward to hearing the story. Hope you are feeling better.


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