Spring Break

My husband gets 2 weeks for his spring break and the children and I get 1 week. The weeks never overlap, so the kids and I usually just end up going to Memphis. This year, though, we had been to Memphis earlier in March for my cousin’s wedding, so we just stayed home this year for spring break.

Here are a few pictures from our time in Memphis. My beautiful cousin and her handsome husband:

My husband with some of my other cousins:

Our family:

The trees were in bloom in Memphis, so that was pretty to see signs of spring, this at the zoo:

We were about one of only 10 people at the zoo. The weather was in the 50s, and that kept people away, I guess. It seemed really warm to us after spending the winter in Chicago.

We’ve enjoyed this week of rest at home during spring break. Each child spent a day with Grammy. We went into the city one day to meet my husband, go the “The Bean,” and have dinner at Giordano’s. We’re thankful to have had a slow week to just spend time together!

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