Summer Update

I realize I haven’t posted all summer, and I know my countless blog readers are anxiously awaiting something! Since we’ve been away for much of the summer, I thought I’d try to recap some of it in this blog.

We started the summer with my husband traveling the world again for 3 weeks. He led a group of college students through parts of Europe (Germany, Italy), and then met a friend for a week in Switzerland to hike. He saw some beautiful places, and I have told him it’s time for me to travel with him overseas next time. I think the children are old enough now to do that, though I had been reluctant in years past.

This is my daughter so happy to have her daddy home! The day after he arrived home, we celebrated Father’s Day and his birthday with his extended family.

The following week, we went to a camp in northern Wisconsin with my husband’s parents. The kids loved being out on the water.

Here is my father-in-law instructing my son on driving a boat.

We then enjoyed a couple of weeks in early July being at home, after which we headed to NY to family camp for a week in the Adirondacks. The camp brings in Christian speakers, and my husband was the break out session speaker and talked about the early church fathers. I actually learned a lot, as I seldom hear him teach, so that was fun for me!

This is our family at camp. We next headed from NY to Tennessee where we celebrated birthdays! My step-dad was turning 90, my daughter 9, and I was on the brink of the big 4-0.

We had a surprise birthday party for my step-dad, and it was very meaningful. It included me jumping in a swimming pool to save my nephew’s life who, at 4 years old, had jumped in not realizing he couldn’t swim! I was the only adult in the yard at the time, and praise the Lord, he had drawn my eye from inside the house mingling with guests to outside by the pool where I saw my nephew alone only moments before.

This is my step-dad looking at some of his gifts.

Upon returning home, we celebrated my 40th! Though I don’t feel any different at all, I’m amazed at how quickly the years go by.

Here I am sporting a banner some friends made me — “Fabulous & Forty” – you should have seen the visor! And there is the world’s best ever chocolate chip cheesecake in front of me!

So have I learned anything of great importance this summer? I’ve shared the gospel with a dear man that I knew growing up, and I pray he accepts Christ before the end of his days. One thing I’ve been reminded of over and over: if God can save me, He can save anyone. His arm is not too short to save, and I boldly ask Him to rescue this dear man from his sins and give him new life in Christ.

I’ve been reminded of my absolute dependence on Christ, and that I need to daily be aware of my need, even moment by moment. I’ve found that going to Him at the start of each day, on my knees, is such a blessing. I pray that when I find myself on my knees the next morning, that I will find that I’ve trusted Him more, stumbled less, and grown more in learning to walk blamelessly before Him and in the fear of Him. And I am also praying that I’ll learn to listen better to Him, to consciously know His presence throughout the day. The time in His Word is always a blessing, even when I have to fight my laziness or stubbornness to get there!

So how has your summer been and what have you learned?

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