The Gift

My husband’s second book in the Chiveis trilogy has been released this month: The Gift.

I enjoyed reading The Gift even more than the first book (The Sword). Click on the links to learn more!

It’s been fun to watch the journey my husband has been on from professor/scholar and author of more academic books to writing fiction. It was one of those moments of being awakened in the night with lots of ideas and then seeing them put into stories and books. I’ve always known he was creative, but never could have pictured this! I think the Lord has given him the ideas to write, though, and I love seeing the biblical and theological themes flowing out of an adventurous story.

I’m also glad I have him to describe for me what everything means (from names chosen to locations) or I would miss a lot of interesting points that aren’t necessary to enjoy the story, but fascinate me nonetheless. If you like Christian fiction, you might enjoy this series!

Release Date!

Today is the official release date of my husband’s book, and we are very excited about it. It’s been a long road to watch it go from the first thoughts in his head during the night to seeing it come to publication.

You can learn more here if you are interested.

We did not have a major celebration today; maybe we should have! 🙂 We went to lunch together yesterday and recounted the path. My husband took my daughter last night with some of his students to Medieval Times. (Last year he took my son, so this year was her turn.)

My son and I took our own little 15 minute road trip out to SONIC. He had it in his head that he loves it after having a shake there one time, so we ordered the works and fun drinks and even dessert, then sat crammed in the car trying to figure out how to balance all the food and not make a mess with everything. We ended our time in the Super Wal-Mart for groceries and considered it a fun evening!

Thankful for these simple blessings. Have a wonderful weekend!

Just Checking In

We spent a wonderful 10 days in Memphis over spring break and Easter. My sister was in town visiting with her children, as well, which made it fun for the cousins to be together. Here they are swinging in the back yard together in their Memphis Zoo shirts.

Here is my mom with my son on Easter in her backyard.

We were blessed by the Easter service at church, hearing the pastor speak on “Why the Cross?” We were also able to be there for Palm Sunday and hear the beautiful Easter music that the church there does each year at that time. That used to be my all time favorite Sunday growing up hearing the music, so it was nice to be there again with my family.

I’m so thankful to have a Risen Lord, full of power and strength, who has saved me from my sins!

My husband has a new book coming out on April 30th, and we have received the early copies. It’s been fun to read blogger reviews and see the website. It’s exciting to see the full project reach completion, though there are 2 books left to come in this trilogy.

I am looking forward now to a day to get organized from returning from our trip! Have a good weekend!

Waiting on God

I am too exhausted to blog, but too full of praises not to!

I’ve been running like crazy the last week getting ready for the new school year to begin. We have faculty/staff orientation and training beginning tomorrow. We have an amazing group of teachers joining us this year that God has faithfully provided. Several wonderful teachers trained in this classical model sought out our school without us having to even search! We have seen God’s hand of blessing on this endeavor since the very beginning, and those are stories I will love to share when I have time.

But for now, I have another simple praise. My husband has received an offer for a book contract! Though he has published an academic book (he is a theology professor), he started writing fiction on the side and began working on his first book. In God’s perfect ways and timing, a publishing house that he submitted it to wants to publish it!

We are excited to see how what we felt like was God’s leading in this turn into a reality. You pray and believe that you are moving where God is leading, but then there is often a wait in between the thought and the reality. And in this case, there was a long wait! But it’s a sweet time of excitement that his story and characters will actually come to life. We are thankful, and we know this is from the Lord. We want to give Him all the praise and glory!