A Prayer from Psalm 26

I found this brief prayer below on my computer today, written back in 2015. It seems like a random psalm to pray through, but I probably wrote this when we passed Psalm 26 in our church’s Bible reading plan. I love it that we can turn God’s Word back into prayer and praise to Him.

This psalm reminds me of Psalm 1, giving instruction on how we should sit, stand, and walk (26:3-5), which really is to say that God’s Word gives guidance for every aspect of our lives. And as Psalm 139 reminds us, God knows when we sit down and rise up (139:2). He comprehends our path (the way we walk and go) and our lying down and is acquainted with all our ways (139:3). What wonderful knowledge (139:6)!


Praise you, Lord, that you are a merciful Redeemer (v.11). You show us the way to walk and to go, a path that leads to life. May I trust in You without wavering, and may my foot be on a level place that it might not slip (v. 1, 12). May I have a sturdy trust in You, my faithful God. Examine me and prove me; try my mind and heart (v. 2). Keep your lovingkindness before my eyes, help me walk in your truth (v.3). May I bless you in the congregation, proclaiming with a voice of thanksgiving, and declaring all your wonders (v. 6-7, 12). May I walk in integrity (v. 1, 11). In Jesus’ name, who has made these things possible, Amen.

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