First Date

30 years ago today, my husband and I had our first date. He drove us in his family car—a yellow Duster. He had been driving for all of 6 weeks. We had dinner at Danver’s and went to see The Karate Kid, Part 2.

Bryan’s family had moved to Memphis two years prior when his dad became pastor at our church. I remember when his dad was candidating for that position, when I heard his last name, in all my young wisdom, I thought, “I hope he doesn’t come. That name is too hard to say!”

1185859_10151652732237862_1255471060_nThis picture is the first time I ever remember meeting them after their family’s arrival from Texas (note the cool Cowboys hat!). This was driving home from the football state championship game at Vanderbilt stadium where our school lost in double overtime. Bryan and his brother became good friends with my best friend’s brother, so we all spent a lot of time together at my friend’s house, in church youth group activities, and at school.

TFullSizeRender-3his next picture was taken two years later, not on our first date, but about 2 months later at some church or school event. Though we’d have a couple of short breakups during our years of dating (which I think is typical of long relationships), I don’t think we ever envisioned ourselves not together.

We would marry almost 7 years later. Life has been an adventure through Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Illinois, but God gave me the best one to travel through life with, and I give Him praise. God has been good. I take a few moments to remember and thank Him for this journey.

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