Blogging Update

Since I gave myself a very public 30-day blogging challenge, I suppose an update is in order. I only blogged 8 times in the first 12 days, and have since fallen off. Here’s what I have learned so far:

  • Though I have many ideas about which to write, each one takes time to develop. It would be imprudent for me to rush those and throw them on the page without deeper reflection.
  • I desire for my thoughts to be anchored in Scripture, in biblical truth, and that also takes time to study longer than I can give to get a piece posted in a day. I don’t want to sloppily throw something up or base it all on experience.
  • I tire of hearing myself! I don’t want to talk just to talk.

However, there have been many benefits:

  • If I’m writing, I’m thinking about that and developing those thoughts. When I have spare time to think, this is where my thoughts go. It takes me away from other thoughts that would not be as beneficial. Has your mind ever been stuck in a rut of replaying something, of thinking over and over about something that isn’t healthy? Those kinds of thoughts can become toxic. But when we truly can turn our minds in a Philippians 4:8 way—to the things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy—then we can be free of anxiety, full of peace, and enjoying thoughts focused on God. It gives us a whole new perspective. This is what blogging helps me do.
  • Before I post, I run it past my husband or my mom for quick thoughts or feedback, and I love having them part of the process and hearing what they have to say. And as my husband spends his mornings working on his latest novel, when he comes downstairs, I like to pretend I understand the life of a writer! That we are on the same “page” with that (pun intended)! Ha! But he has been most kind to engage with me on this, and that’s been a fun part of it. Only one piece does he keep sending back to me—yesterday with red font type interspersed!—which has led to dead space on the blog for several days, but perhaps I’ll get it right or move on soon.
  • It’s a way to pursue a little bit of a hobby I can enjoy. This challenge pushed me out to actually do something more consistently with my blog instead of continuing to push it aside. Whether it’s worthy of even sharing or whether it will develop or just end at the end of 30 days, I don’t know. But I’ve enjoyed it.

So I have not met the 30-day blogging challenge. But I’ve learned a lot and hope to continue at a reasonable pace and learn and grow in these things. My desire hasn’t been to be a writer as much as a recorder of God’s work and things I learn from His Word, to praise Him. That’s what I want to communicate, particularly to my kids so these stones of remembrance are collected and not forgotten. Thanks to those who have offered encouragement on this little journey.

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