Why Verses for the Day?

The “Verse for the Day” blog posts began as notes of encouragement each day to my children. I was choosing select verses that God had used in my life and sharing those with my children.

I became convicted that perhaps I should put the verses more in context and decided to choose a book of the Bible to go through, which might also teach my children about more in-depth Bible study. The first book I chose was Galatians, and this has turned out to be far more challenging than I anticipated! I can’t share what I don’t know, and so I have to study and read a good bit more. In the process, I’ve been the one encouraged.

I continue to post these here as a record for my children. However, I don’t pretend to be a Bible scholar! I’m not. In fact, I’ve encountered challenges to getting through Galatians, but want to persevere with what I started. And hopefully by sharing this with my children and here, I am simply sharing what any of us can do when we open up the Word of God each day, study it, and ask Him to lead us by His Spirit. God and His Word have the power to change our lives, and that’s the biggest message I want my children and anyone else to know!

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