What a Week!

I’m not sure how else to title this post! It’s been a week with all kinds of events and reflections and conclusions!

My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage! 20 YEARS! I’m so thankful for these 20 years and all that God has done.

We had crazy weather! School was closed Thursday for the enormous rains and flooding in the area. I woke up that morning thinking about Noah when those rains came, wondering what he must have felt like knowing what was to come!

The week then ended last night with snow! SNOW!

We saw news of the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and were saddened by human suffering and evil acts. We heard of the death of one of the Boston suspects and the capture of the other.

We passed by April 19, a day which carries difficult memories in our country: Waco and Oklahoma City. On April 19, 1995, I was caught in a tornado system and hail storm, having my car demolish around me.

A few short years later on April 19, my mom and step-dad were involved in a major car accident on the highway when a woman came across the median into traffic and spun them out of control. They were cut from the car, and my step-father had a broken neck and was airlifted to the hospital. He wore a halo for 8 weeks and recovered amazingly.

Our good friend was diagnosed April 19 two years ago with the glioblastoma that would take his life less than a year later.

My daughter tells me, and I confirmed, that the Revolutionary War began on April 19.

What a crazy date in history at large, but in our personal history, as well.

I was glad to spend time with the Lord yesterday morning and be reminded of His sovereign control over all things and that this day is His day, and to place my trust and hope in Him, to pray that this date could become known for good things as well.

I received a call yesterday evening on April 19 from a friend with some good news, something about which I had prayed for months for my friend, and it had been answered. When my friend began reading me an email, my friend began, “April 19, 2013.” It struck me. My friend didn’t have to read the date on the email. I knew the date. A reminder. Today has brought good. And peace in this situation, though perhaps not yet fully in the hearts of those involved. But I was thankful that the Lord in His prefect timing had answered this on this date.

I’ve thought about this song this week, so I’ll include it here at the end. I like the hope in God it expresses, “whatever may come our way, through fire or pouring rain, we will trust in You and we won’t be shaken.” Praise You, Lord! We can trust in You!

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