Valentine’s Day 2013

I had such a sweet Valentine’s Day this year. My husband took me to lunch and got me candy that he knows I love. I realized it was our 27th year as being each other’s Valentine, way back to our high school days! Then we ended up waiting to go out to dinner with friends on Sunday night at a time we could all get together and enjoy it.

What made this Valentine’s Day so extra special, though, was that my son made me cookies. (My daughter was away at a friend’s for a sleepover.) On his own, he decided to do this. He found a recipe online, made sugar cookies, made the yummy icing with almond flavoring, colored it pink, and then cleaned it all up! The cookies were delicious, some of the best I’ve ever had. I was so impressed. We watched a movie together, too (Seven Days in Utopia – I would recommend), and had BBQ sandwiches I had thrown together with some leftover pork tender.

It’s not often young teenage boys care to spend much time with their mothers anymore — or think to bake them cookies — and I realize tomorrow may come and this is over! So I have to capture it here on the blog with thankfulness for the special day so I can remember this memory!

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