Field Trip and Friends

Riding one of the trikes!

The middle school at my children’s school recently had a service project collecting used bikes and bike parts for a ministry that fixes these bikes and then provides them to people all over the world who need transportation. Yesterday, my son’s class took a field trip to see the work they do. It was a neat ministry, and they also shared some wonderful things with the children about ministry in general and then bike care and safety.

The lady who started the ministry told us the most important part of any ministry — prayer. We spent time praying together. And the children also learned how they bend steel, put the bikes together, and were encouraged to wear their helmets, take care of their bikes, grease the chains, keep the tires pumped up, etc. They also reported the results of the middle school bike drive and how it would help.

I had a great time being with the students, listening to their conversations, seeing their friendships. I love these children whom I have watched grow for so many years. I remembered the summer before our school started, my son was the only 2nd grader registered, and some wondered if he would have friends and if the school would grow.

By the start of school, there were five 2nd graders, good friends. They combined with the 1st graders and had a nice class of nine children, five boys and four girls. The next year, they had 14 children, 10 boys and four girls. Then they were able to separate out the classes. Though the class has changed year to year, this remains a special group of children, families, and friends, and I was thankful to witness it again yesterday and praise the Lord for bringing together this school and its community.

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