The Gift of Friends

Going Away Gathering of Friends

The last week has made me so grateful for friends! I’m not always aware of the gift that true friendships are, but last week was a time where I realized how thankful I am for these special women in my life.

One friend hosted a going away party for another friend, and the women who had been in a Bible study together gathered to send her off with prayers and fellowship. It was a sweet time together.

Then as I prepared to speak at church on Wednesday, I was so supported by so many loving friends. My prayer group prayed for me, emailed and encouraged me. One of my friends in my prayer group came to the talk with her mom!

A few of the friends I worked with stopped in to hear the talk. Another friend pictured above came to the talk and sent encouraging emails.

My three out-of-town friends all prayed and encouraged me. A couple of them read through my talk and sent words of encouragement.

And then all the lovely ladies at church in my Bible study, my leaders and friends, came around me with their prayers and support. Several women in the church whom I admire emailed me they were praying for me or made it a point to stop by and tell me this.

When I actually spoke on Wednesday, I looked out in the audience to see so many faces I know and love from years of being in church together. I could see looks of encouragement and support, and they seemed really engaged, despite my shortcomings as a speaker!

God was so faithful to me to show me love through so many friends. It reminded me of the gift of true friendship, and I am thankful for each and every friend and all the unique ways God has brought us together to go through life and support one another. I praise Him for them all!

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