Which Is More Amazing?

I’ve had this thought lately.

Which is more amazing? The fact that the God of the universe, our Creator and Savior, would care so intimately for us, would stoop to us, would invite us near to Him and His throne of grace, would assure us that when we draw near, He draws near to us — wow, what a thought! I think of all the passages in Scripture that tell us when His people cry out, He hears and answers and delivers. Just reading the Psalms the other day, I was struck again by this, not to mention the times I see it in the Old Testament as He would deliver His people Israel.

So which is more amazing? That our God cares for us in this way and gives us the privilege of prayer and of communing with Him — or the fact that I so often refuse?

I sometimes sleep late or resist getting out of bed to read and pray. I let other thoughts consume my mind during a day. I get busy, spend too much time on the computer, and the list goes on — and I forfeit those moments of time spent with the Lord. Moments of prayer, moments of my day given to Him. The very thing that most brings peace and joy to my day, I often miss.

Do you ever do that, too? So which do you think is more amazing? His seeking or our resisting of such an incredible invitation?

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