A Year in Song: 2011

The Lord often speaks to me through music. These are a few songs that I want to remember from 2011 that really ministered to me at specific times. Out of context, maybe they seem strange, but they all came at very specific times and helped direct and strengthen me.

Josh Wilson “I Refuse”: Though he wrote this after a natural disaster and his desire to do something, for me, it was a reminder to not refuse what God would ask me to do, to be obedient. It always played at key moments, right on time, right when I needed the encouragement and reminder.
Matthew West “Strong Enough”: These next two songs from Matthew West and Mandisa about strength helped remind me of the Lord’s strength and that the things that seemed hard would in fact bring growth and make me stronger.
Mandisa “Stronger”
David Crowder Band “SMS”: I was listening to this “Show me a sign” and praying for that, for wisdom. I’d wished I had someone to give me counsel. The phone rang during the song as I prayed. My lifelong friend from Arkansas was on the phone, and she and her husband, a pastor, gave me the exact counsel I needed! Praise the Lord!

And one last one about new beginnings, “Listen to the Sound” by Building 429: this also came at an exact moment when I was waiting, thinking, and then listening and heard this.

I’ve never thought to write about my year through music like I do themes, but I think I’ll start doing this. These songs remind me of God’s faithfulness to me, for some of the ways He shepherded me along, and for His continuing love and direction in my life. He provided abundantly well, and I praise Him!

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