Happy New Year 2012!

We’ve had a really nice Christmas and New Year. We spent the entire 2-week break in town this year, which is unusual, but it was the most relaxed break I think we’ve had in years! We got a lot done around the house, spent a lot of time with family and friends, stayed up late, slept in, and truly rested!

The worship services at church were the highlight for me this Christmas season. It was a blessing to have church on both Christmas Eve (we went to the candlelight service) and on Christmas Day. After preparing for weeks for Christmas in all the ways that it requires, and enjoying Advent services and the Christmas Carol service along the way, to finally sit at church and rest from the busyness that the season brings and arrive at the reason for it all just fills my heart with great joy! Aaahh, we finally made it to THIS moment, to this time to worship. And to have Christmas Day on a Sunday — I would love that every year!

Surely as my heart and mind reflected on Advent in the weeks prior to Christmas, I worshiped, I hope. But for some reason, it always feels like a bit of a forced exercise for me during the season of Advent to try to read Advent books and keep up the reflection on Christmas. This must sound like an awful admission, but I find myself longing for all the other days of the year where I more naturally want to seek Him without it being in a more prescribed way. And yet I’m thankful that the reflection on Christ’s birth gives opportunity to people for more outreach and evangelism in ways that are unique to this time of year. It seems people are more giving and thinking more of others at Christmas, and all of that is good.

As I think about resolutions, it’s easy to want to say I’ll exercise more and eat better, but it occurred to me that maybe my resolutions don’t have to be centered on me. What about what I can do for others? Just something I’m thinking about as we enter the 2nd week of the year!

We struggled to get a good picture in front of the tree this year. This one will do, I suppose. 

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I don’t feel real eloquent tonight. I figure if you skip blogging on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, you may not be a real blogger. 😦

I’ll try to gather my thoughts and write about my theme for the new year when I can. But for now, Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012!

  • What a great new years resolution! 🙂
    Focusing on others… love your heart!
    You are such a sweet friend. Every time I see you I am reminded how much you care about others.
    Thanks for always asking how we are doing!


  • Thanks Sasha! You are a dear friend to me, as well, and you are one who inspires me in my walk with the Lord. I'm so thankful for your family and all God has led you through and to these last few years. It's exciting to watch! And more to come very soon, I know!


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