School Is in Session!

School started this week for both my husband (he teaches college) and my children. My job also got into full swing last week. Our routine, the old and the new, is back.

Monday was the first time since 2004 when my son was at our local public school that I haven’t been with my children in their school setting. It was a different feeling to just drop them off and leave! It was a little strange not being part of the craziness of a new year through working at the school. But it was also fun to have the perspective of an outside observer, of just a parent, to watch others take those roles. It is a welcome change for this season of my life.

This is my children’s first school picture back in 2006 when the school began and they were entering Kindergarten and 2nd grade:

They were so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I was too busy to be nervous for them, trying to get things ready administratively for the first 23 students and 13 families the school would host. Amazing to look back and see what God has done and yet look ahead with expectation for what He is doing. He is good.

And now today: I guess this is the best first day school picture you can hope for once you have a son who is almost 13!

Here they are at home before we left for school:

Note we’re already out of dress code without a belt for my son. I didn’t realize he had finally outgrown the braided belt I bought him back in 2nd grade!

My children are both in this section of the all school picture, as are their dear teachers (the second lady from left with eyes closed and the male teacher with the tie toward the right):

A picnic after the first day of school with sweet friends was a great way to start the year. Three of these girls have been friends since birth, from Virginia to Illinois, and been in school together since Kindergarten! What a sweet and rare gift!

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