Nature Study

These are the things we’ve seen in our yard this morning.

We saw this butterfly walking back from the library the other day.

As part of the kids’ curriculum at school, they regularly have “nature study,” where they study the trees or birds or some part of God’s creation. I think this has increased in them an enjoyment of observing things like this in detail!

We did not get a picture of the coyote that was in our driveway the other morning though! I called the city about another coyote we saw up on Main Street, but they told me they were finished trapping and they were hard to catch, but they knew about that one. He must hang out in that area of town. I guess it’s good no one’s worried!

Here are the kids picking out some new books for their reading and a few videos. We love the library.

Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Nature Study

  • I love the library, too, Carolyn, but for reasons slightly different than yours. 🙂 And that pesky coyote . . . I saw him marching straight down Prairie the other day–in the middle of the street in the middle of the day. I called too, but didn't get the same news you did. Hmmm.


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