A Week of Thanksgiving

With this being Thanksgiving week, I thought I would try each day this week to share specific things for which I’m thankful.

One thing that jumps to mind after this past week is that I’m thankful for our school. We had Grandparents’ Day on Friday, and part of the program was giving the history of the school.

As I listened to the stories again, I recalled the 8 months of Saturday morning prayer together as families before the school started, committing this all to God. It was amazing to reflect on how what was started in living rooms has now moved into a school, now in its 4th year, with 82 students and a Vision to propel students for a life of service to Christ.

As the students came in and sang “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” my heart was indeed full of thoughts of His faithfulness to us in this endeavor. This is His work, and He has done it. We are blessed to have watched it unfold before our eyes and truly thankful for His provision.

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