Answered Prayer

I love clearly answered prayer! God is so good!

My friend’s husband was going to be traveling on business all month long. There was one trip in particular that was going to be a great distance away and a long time. When I talked to my friend last week, we decided we would pray that trip would be canceled, even though it wasn’t likely. We prayed that morning. As I left a prayer time with her, I walked to my car and drove away praying, “Lord, You can do this. I ask You to. I know You have the power to do this. So I ask you to.” It was one of those prayers of confident hope and expectation that just felt like “Why would I not ask this” and felt such certainty He could and would and that He would grow our faith in the process.

I saw my friend a couple of days ago and asked her if the trip was canceled. “No,” she said. Well, I do admit, now that it had been a week since we prayed, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be at this point. But God has His timing and ways. Today, my friend called me. “I just hung up with [husband]… the trip is canceled!” They were excited; we were excited. Just rejoicing that God could and God did and He made it so visible to all of us that He did it!

This may sound small, but it showed me God is big. Oh, for faith to trust Him more, believe Him more, and not hesitate to ask Him big things, because quite simply, He can do anything!

Praise You, Lord!

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