The Details of Life

52719734859__54344C6E-1573-4753-A0A0-D7A0478B659D.JPG“Is my mac insured?”

The text from my son came through last fall as I was in the middle of buying airline tickets for family weekend at his new college and answering the door for the furnace man to do the annual service check. Uh oh, what’s happened?

It turned out he had left his backpack with his laptop in it outside two nights before, gone back to his room, fallen asleep, and remembered it the next day. After searching for it throughout that day, reporting it to campus safety, lost and found, and maintenance, he was starting to think maybe it was gone. He was more worried about his class notes than the computer. Read more

25 years! A look back, a look ahead

One of the reasons I started this blog back in 2008 was to have a place to store “stones of remembrance” in our lives. As my blog has become more public over the years, I often hold back from doing that and miss keeping a record as originally intended.

In this, my 25th wedding anniversary year, it seems fitting to write a post to give thanks to God for my husband and to remember this year. This particular year was one we couldn’t have imagined, and yet contained so many life and faith lessons. Many of these things I’ve learned by watching my husband. Read more

Firsts and Lasts


We are in the two weeks leading up to my son’s high school graduation. Things are getting a little sentimental around here. He just received the senior superlative for the person most ready for high school to end. And this comes as no surprise. Ever since he decided on a college, that’s been in the forefront of his mind. He’s eager for the next phase, and we are excited for him.

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Thank You, Lord

Wednesday, I got that dreaded call from my kids on their way to school: “We’ve been in a wreck, but we’re okay.”

As I was about to get ready for work, I changed gears, threw on clothes, grabbed my glasses, and was out the door. I spent the morning interacting with the police, tow truck driver, auto body shop, insurance company and adjustor, discovering the car is in fact totaled.

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Happy 16th Birthday!

It’s been sixteen years since we welcomed our baby girl three months too early at 27 weeks along in the pregnancy. She was 2 pounds, 3 ounces, and 14 inches.

The early days in the hospital – reminds me of Matt. 10:30, “Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

We celebrate each year again and remember the miraculous works in the midst of suffering that God accomplished, and we give praise and thanks.

3 months old and leaving the hospital on her original due date, still less than 5 pounds

I feel as though I’ve written about this many times (here and here, for example), but it’s always a reminder to me that we have a miracle-working God who is involved in all life’s details. I want to once again tell of his greatness and not let this significant day pass without remembering once again.


Thank you to all who have prayed for her through the years. You are part of this story, and we are so grateful!